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Indian Army For New Silenced Pistol
SP's MAI. (Oct. 12, 2015):
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Byline: SP's Special Correspondent

October 12, 2015: The Indian Army is scouting an unspecified number of silenced pistols for its special forces and limited number of infantry units. The new RFI makes it clear that the Army is looking for a new platform along with the suppressor/silencer add-on. The only detail the Army specifies is that the proposed Silenced Pistol is to be used in all kinds of operational scenarios, standard language in RFIs now. Leaving the floor open for specifics in terms of calibre, it seems likely it will want the calibres it is currently using. While the RFI does not make any specifications compulsory, it's clear the Army wants a product that deploys combat sights with luminous dots, integral picatinny rail to enable attachments like tactical light and laser aiming device. The Army also clearly would prefer a pistol that comes supplied with a tactical light, laser aiming device; thigh, hip and shoulder holster, cleaning kit and tool repair kit -- an important stipulation, given experiences the Army has had with handgun procurements in the recent past. Interestingly, the Army also asks vendors to specify if silencer is an integral part of the weapon or an add-on. The Army currently has ongoing requirements for handguns, corner-shot weapons, silencer add-ons, pistol accessories and other items for special forces and infantry modernisation.

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