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Laser mounted on ISS to blast 3,000 tons of Space Junk
Stock Watch. (Apr. 18, 2015):
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Byline: Felix Balthasar

Since the start of space missions, scientists have sent a number of things into space. A number of dead satellites and other miscellaneous space debris are still hovering around the planet. Now, scientists have planned to clean the space with the help of a fiber optic laser.

According to reports, the fiber optic laser mounted on the International Space Station (ISS) will blast about 3,000 tons of space junk out of the sky. The idea to clean the space with lasers came from a team of researchers led by Japan's Riken research institute.

The plan was recently published in the journal Acta Astronautica. As per the reports, the researchers have planned to conduct a trial run on their idea. The researchers will install a small aboard the ISS.

Riken team leader Toshikazu Ebisuzaki said that if the plan succeeds, the researchers will install a full-scale version on the ISS, which will allow the scientists to deorbit the debris with a range of about 100 kilometers.

"Looking further to the future, we could create a free-flyer mission and put it into a polar orbit at an altitude near 800 kilometers, where the greatest concentration of debris is found", Ebisuzaki further added.

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