Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky


Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) is one of the most loved of Russian composers. He epitomized the ingenuous opening to the emotions of the romantic era in music, but his product was made durable through sound craftsmanship and rigorous work habits. Eschewing the intellectual, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky was in no sense a technical innovator; moreover, he attracted, and still attracts, the barbed clevernesses of those less trustful of emotional statement. But his work is always hotly defended as each generation discovers him afresh--a process considerably quickened by a massive and ever-growing body of literature about his music and his interesting, often tragic life. Born on May 7, 1840, in Votkinsk in the Vyatka district, Tchaikovsky was the son of a well-to-do...

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More Quick Facts

  • Born

    • May 07, 1840
  • Died

    • November 06, 1893
  • Occupation

  • Other Occupations

    • Musician
  • Nationality

  • Other Names

    • Tchaikovsky, Peter;
    • Tchaikovsky, Peter I.;
    • Chaikovshy, Petr Ilich;
    • Tchaikovsky, Petr
  • Gender


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