Ethnic Cleansing

Ethnic cleansing is the practice, by a dominant ethnic group in an area, of removing another ethnic, national, or religious group by expulsion or extermination. Ethnic cleansing is not the same as genocide (the systematic extermination of an ethnic, religious, or national group), although genocide may occur as part of the ethnic cleansing process.

The term "ethnic cleansing" is a literal translation of the Serbo-Croat expression etničko čiš ćenje, and first gained common usage during Yugoslavia's civil wars in the 1990s. In that conflict, Croatian, Bosnian-Muslim, Kosovar-Albanian, and, in particular, Serb populations sought to assert their ethnicity on enclaves of the former Yugoslavia so as to create ethnically distinct nation-states.

But while these various campaigns to “cleanse” a territory of...

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