Club Drugs

Club drugs, also known as party drugs or rave drugs, are a group of illicit substances that are commonly used at events and venues like raves, electronic dance music festivals, concerts, bars, and nightclubs. Substances usually considered club drugs include ecstasy (MDMA), ketamine, methamphetamine, gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB), acid (LSD), and flunitrazepam, which is more commonly known by its brand name, Rohypnol. These substances typically are used to alter consciousness and perception and to elevate users’ energy levels for the purposes of enhancing their experience. These substances belong to four broad drug types: entactogens/empathogens, which stimulate feelings of empathy and interconnectedness; stimulants, which raise levels of physiological and nervous-system activity; depressants/sedatives, which slow down physiological and nervous-system activity; and hallucinogens, which cause...

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