Lord of the Flies


Lord of the Flies is a novel written by Sir William Golding (1911–1993) in 1954. It tells the story of a group of boys stranded on an island. At first, the boys attempt to live an orderly life, but many eventually become lawless, fearful, and violent. Golding’s tale suggests that all humans are capable of evil deeds and society is necessary to keep people in order. Lord of the Flies has become one of the world’s most well-known and influential books. Lord of the Flies takes place during a terrible war in Great Britain. British officials are evacuating children from regions endangered by the threat of enemy attacks. A group of British schoolboys are being flown to safety when their...

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More Quick Facts

  • Lord of the Flies (Novel)
  • Author

    • Golding, William (British writer)
  • Published

    • January 01, 1954
  • Genre

    • Novel
  • Language

    • English
  • Major Characters

    • Eric (Lord of the Flies) (Fictional character)

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