Animal Farm


When Animal Farm was published in 1945, its British author George Orwell (a pseudonym for Eric Arthur Blair) had already waited a year and a half to see his manuscript in print. Because the book criticized the Soviet Union, one of England's allies in World War II, publication was delayed until the war ended. It was an immediate success as the first edition sold out in a month, nine foreign editions had appeared by the next year, and the American Book-of-the-Month Club edition sold more than a half-million copies. Although Orwell was an experienced columnist and essayist as well as the author of nine published books, nothing could have prepared him for the success of this short novel, so brief...

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More Quick Facts

  • Animal Farm (Orwell, George) (Novel)
  • Author

    • Orwell, George
  • Published

    • January 01, 1945
  • Genre

    • Novel
  • Language

    • English
  • Major Characters

    • Boxer (Animal Farm) (Fictional character)

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