Vladimir Lenin


The Russian statesman Vladimir Ilich Lenin (1870-1924) was the creator of the Bolshevik party, the Soviet state, and the Third International. He was a successful revolutionary leader and an important contributor to revolutionary socialist theory. Few events have shaped contemporary history as profoundly as the Russian Revolution and the Communist revolutions that followed it. Each one of them was made in the name of V. I. Lenin, his doctrines, and his political practices. Contemporary thinking about world affairs has been greatly influenced by Lenin's impetus and contributions. From Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points to today's preoccupation with wars of national liberation, imperialism, and decolonization, many important issues of contemporary social science were first raised or disseminated by Lenin; even some of...

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More Quick Facts

  • Born

    • April 10, 1870
  • Died

    • January 21, 1924
  • Occupation

    Head of state
  • Other Occupations

    • Economics theorist;
    • Founder (Originator);
    • Lawyer;
    • Party leader;
    • Revolutionary;
    • Writer
  • Nationality

  • Other Names

    • Lenin, Vladimir I.;
    • Lenin, V.I.;
    • Lenin, Vladimir Ilich;
    • Lenin, Vladimir Illyich;
    • Ulyanov, Vladimir I.;
    • Lenin, Vladimir Ilych;
    • Lenin, Nikolai;
    • Ulyanov, Vladimir Illyich;
    • Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich;
    • Richter, Joseph;
    • Ulyanov, Vladimir Ilyich;
    • Lenin, N.;
    • Ulyanov, V.I.;
    • Ulyanov-Lenin;
    • Lenin, Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov
  • Gender


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