Karl Marx

Karl Marx spent most of his life calling for a social system where everyone would be equal and no one would be poor. Because of his views he was banned from many countries. When he died, he wasn't considered a citizen of any country. Known as Marxism, his ideas inspired the famous Russian Revolution in 1917, and they form the basis of many socialist and communist governments in the world today. To many people he is considered a great economic historian. To many others he is known as the father of modern communism.

Karl Heinrich Marx was born on May 5, 1811, in Trier, Prussia (present-day Germany), to Jewish parents. His father, Heinrich Marx, was a lawyer and a Prussian...

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More Quick Facts

  • Born

    • May 05, 1818
  • Died

    • March 14, 1883
  • Occupation

    Political theorist
  • Other Occupations

    • Economist;
    • Historian;
    • Journalist;
    • Party leader;
    • Revolutionary;
    • Social philosopher;
    • Writer
  • Nationality

  • Other Nationalities

    • Prussian
  • Other Names

    • Marx, Karl Heinrich
  • Gender


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