The Odyssey

For all practical purposes, the Odyssey is the "sequel" to the first surviving work in Western literature, the Iliad. (The Epic of Gilgamesh, while at least 1,000 years older, is neither as well-known nor as influential as Homer's work.) Unlike many sequels in the present era, however, the Odyssey actually seems to be an improvement, in some respects, on the original and is quite capable of standing as an independent work. Odysseia, which has been this poem's name in Greek since Herodotus called it that in the fifth century BC, means simply "the story of Odysseus." The name has since come to mean any significant and difficult journey. Although the poem is technically about one particular man's journey, as Horace...

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More Quick Facts

  • Odyssey (Homer) (Poem)
  • Author

    • Homer (Greek poet)
  • Published

    • null BC
  • Genre

    • Poem
  • Language

    • Greek
  • Major Characters

    • Argos (Dog)

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