Title: Quality milk: a nutritious food
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The Untold Story of Milk, Green Pastures, Contented Cows and Raw Dairy Foods

by Ron Schmid, ND, foreword by Sally Fallon

New Trends Publishing, Washington, DC 20007 USA

Quality paperback, 4 pages of color illustrations, appendices, 455 pages, $19.95, 2003

The Untold Story of Milk encompasses many agricultural and health issues, all related directly or indirectly to the production of cow's milk for human consumption. The author, Dr. Ron Schmid suggests that raw milk from grass fed cows is a panacea to solve numerous present day crises: the decline in health and the decline of the family farm and small towns, as well as problems in economics, politics and education. According to Schmid, all these complex crises are related to obstacles established to prevent consumers from their right to obtain and drink quality milk (raw, from pasture-grazed cows). Convincingly, he builds the connection. For example, he traces the link between our war of 1812 with England, and the rise of swill dairies. Due to the war, America's supply of whiskey from the British West Indies was severed. As a result, a domestic liquor industry arose. The byproduct of a new industry--chemically changed grain and water known as distillery slop or swill--was fed to cows by individuals who ignored animal health and milk quality. Instead of practicing the traditional method of pasturing cows, the animals could be fed the hot slop as it poured off the stills....

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