Iodine: the once a century element

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Author: Phil Thomas
Date: June 2004
From: Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients(Issue 251)
Publisher: The Townsend Letter Group
Document Type: Article
Length: 2,102 words

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Iodine is the oil for the machinery of the glands --Edgar Cayce

It occurred to me a moment ago, following 20 years as a natural health facilitator, that the real issue when addressing the health/illness question isn't 'can it be approached in a comprehensive manner,' but rather 'if I can assist someone else in changing their belief system.' Shoot, we're all stuck in old and destructive patterns. You are, I am, and even Edgar Cayce was prone to stress, poor eating habits, and being an absentee father during his lifetime. So the question becomes; How do we get to the place where we can truly understand that there is a viable reason for wanting to help ourselves? Without that first step most people will never get to that place in their lives where there's hope, and without hope we are destined to repeat the same destructive patterning both as individuals, and as a whole.

Fortunately, and at the risk of sounding like every other sales person on the planet (which is about a third of the population) I may have come across something in the Cayce material which just might prove to be the light at the end of the tunnel. It's detoxified, or electrically charged iodine, which Mr. Cayce referred to as Atomic Iodine or Atomidine.

Now those familiar with the Cayce readings no doubt have heard of Atomidine, and perhaps hundreds of thousands of people have tried the socalled Atomidine made available commercially by the A.R.E. and the health food store down the road in Virginia Beach. If you look on the label you'll see it's made from iodine-trichloride. Iodine-trichloride is one iodine bonded with three chlorine in a lab. This means that with every drop of iodine ingested you are also consuming three times as much chlorine. Chlorine is definitely not something you'd want to take internally, and certainly not something Mr. Cayce ever recommended. Nevertheless countless people have subjected themselves to this ritualistic poisoning for more than three decades believing that it must have come from the Cayce readings seeing as it is promoted that way. Honestly, this is just one example of many from the readings which has been compromised as a sacrament to the god of a quick buck. However, this single concept, in my mind at least, has the potential to change the world for the better more than any other I know of, either from within, or outside the Cayce material. Why is that? Hey, give me a break. I'm putting my neck on the proverbial chopping block just explaining what iodine-trichloride is. Let's just take a look at the history of iodine, along with Mr. Cayce's contribution and start with that. I think once you get an overview of where it's been you'll be able to see for yourself where it could be headed.

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