The impact of the proposed Eddie Frost Commerce Park on Speoplatyrhinus poulsoni, the Alabama cavefish, a federally endangered species restricted to Key Cave, Lauderdale County, Alabama

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Author: Bernard R. Kuhajda
Date: April-June 2004
From: Endangered Species Update(Vol. 21, Issue 2)
Publisher: University of Michigan, School of Natural Resources
Document Type: Article
Length: 4,937 words

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The Alabama cavefish, Speoplatyrhinus poulsoni, is one on of the most endangered species of fish in the world due to its low population size, restriction to a single cave (Key Cave), and threats to the cave's recharge area. The recharge area has historically been altered by deforestation and reservoir construction. There is a proposal to construct the Eddie Frost Commerce Park west of Florence, Alabama within part of the recharge area of Key Cave. The construction of this industrial park will have negative affects on the Key Cave aquifer and S. poulsoni, including unsuccessful reproduction from changes to flood cycles within the aquifer, degradation of groundwater, drainage and hydrologic alterations, and lower ground water levels. Environmental pollution is a major threat to the Alabama cavefish, and this threat will be magnified with the proposed industrial park, any growth surrounding the park, and pollutants from adjoining roadways. Proposals to divert pollutants out of Key Cave's recharge area and into the Cypress Creek drainage are flawed; dye-tracing tests indicate that the surface drainage divide between the Key Cave and Cypress Creek aquifers are meaningless with regards to subsurface water flow. One acute pollution event, even if detected by proposed monitoring stations, could not be stopped from reaching Key Cave, and could lead to the death of Alabama cavefish. Even if users of the industrial park are restricted to "clean" industry, the proposed park will likely disturb the critical habitat of S. poulsoni and may cause its extinction.


El "pez de la cueva" de Alabama, Speoplatyrhinus poulsoni, es una de las especies de peces en mas peligro en el mundo debido a su baja poblacion, su restriccion a una sola cueva (Key Cave), y alas amenazas a la zona de recarga de la cueva. La zona de recarga ha sido alterada historicamente por deforestacion y por la construccion de embalses. Actualmente, existe una propuesta para construir dentro de un parte de la zona de recarga de Key Cave el parque industrial Eddie Frost al oeste de Florence, Alabama.. La construccion de este parque industrial tendria un impacto negativo en el acuifero de Key Cave y S. poulsoni, incluyendo reproduccion fracasada por cambios del ciclo de inundaciones dentro del acuifero, degradacion del agua subterranea, alteraciones hidrologicos y de drenaje, y reduccion de los niveles del agua subterranea. La polucion del ambiente es una amenaza grande para el "pez de cueva" de Alabama que aumentara con el parque industrial propuesto, el desarrollo circundante al parque y agentes contaminadores de las carreteras contiguas. Las propuestas para desviar los agentes contaminadores fuera de la zona de recarga de Key Cave en el drenaje de Cypress Creek son defectuosas; pruebas de tintura adelantadas indican que la division del drenaje superficial entre los acuiferos de Key Cave y Cypress Creek no tiene sentido con respecto a la corriente de agua subterranea. Si hubiese un evento agudo de contaminacion, aun cuando sea detectado por las estaciones de monitoreo propuestas, no podra evitarse que drene hasta Key Cave y...

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Kuhajda, Bernard R. "The impact of the proposed Eddie Frost Commerce Park on Speoplatyrhinus poulsoni, the Alabama cavefish, a federally endangered species restricted to Key Cave, Lauderdale County, Alabama." Endangered Species Update, vol. 21, no. 2, Apr.-June 2004, pp. 57+. Accessed 9 Aug. 2022.

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