Computer-augmented environments: back to the real world

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Authors: Pierre Wellner, Wendy Mackay and Rich Gold
Date: July 1993
From: Communications of the ACM(Vol. 36, Issue 7)
Publisher: Association for Computing Machinery, Inc.
Document Type: Article
Length: 1,068 words

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Virtual reality is an invaluable approach to certain applications such as entertainment and education. In regard to everyday tasks however, virtual reality cuts human beings off from the real world. Computers can be used to augment the real world, which is an opposite approach to virtual reality. In this way, computers can be used for applications such as infra-red optical sound, heat, motion and light detectors; activating motors, storing data, driving actuators, controls and valves; and for creating spaces in which everyday objects have electronic properties without loss of their familiar physical properties. These computer-augmented environments merge electronic systems into the physical world instead of attempting to replace the physical by using the artificial world.

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Wellner, Pierre, et al. "Computer-augmented environments: back to the real world." Communications of the ACM, vol. 36, no. 7, July 1993, pp. 24+. Accessed 28 Nov. 2021.

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