Apoptosis in AIDS

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Authors: Marie-Lise Gougeon and Luc Montagnier
Date: May 28, 1993
From: Science(Vol. 260, Issue 5112)
Publisher: American Association for the Advancement of Science
Document Type: Article
Length: 1,732 words

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Lymphocyte activation results in programmed cell death in HIV-infected people rather than in cell proliferation as it does in healthy individuals. This finding may account for the defects and depletion of CD4 cells that leads to the immune system depression associated with HIV.

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Gougeon, Marie-Lise, and Luc Montagnier. "Apoptosis in AIDS." Science, vol. 260, no. 5112, 28 May 1993, pp. 1269+. link.gale.com/apps/doc/A14088103/AONE?u=null&sid=googleScholar. Accessed 5 Dec. 2023.

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