What grandparents can do to support a breastfeeding mother

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Authors: Kara D. Ishii and M. Jane Heinig
Date: Feb. 2005
From: Journal of Human Lactation(Vol. 21, Issue 1)
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc.
Document Type: Article
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Congratulations! Your daughter or daughter-in-law just had a baby. And she says she wants to breastfeed her baby and not give any formula at all. You've just been given a wonderful opportunity to support her. You may have some concerns. Formula feeding may have seemed to work well for you and your own children. Today, we know more about the importance of breastfeeding for mothers and babies. With a little help from you, your daughter and grandchild can have a better breastfeeding experience.

Importance of Family Support

You were a new parent once. You had fears and concerns about doing what was right for your baby. Your child is probably just like you. She needs your support now more than ever. Close family and friends play an important role in a mother's infant feeding decisions.

If a mother feels supported--

* She will be more confident.

* She will breastfeed longer.

If a mother doesn't feel supported--

* She will feel overwhelmed with her new responsibilities.

* She is more likely to quit breastfeeding early.

Why Exclusive Breastfeeding?

You want to do what is...

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Ishii, Kara D., and M. Jane Heinig. "What grandparents can do to support a breastfeeding mother." Journal of Human Lactation, vol. 21, no. 1, Feb. 2005. Accessed 27 Nov. 2022.

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