Sexual and emotional health in men

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Authors: Daniel S. Stein, Michael A. Baer and Nancy C. Bruemmer
Date: Summer 2008
From: Annals of the American Psychotherapy Association(Vol. 11, Issue 2)
Publisher: KSA Media, LLC
Document Type: Article
Length: 6,462 words

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A pilot study of 20 males was conducted with a sample of healthy males selected for normal characteristics. Each was administered an 8-week trial of a supplement using natural nutrients and pro-hormones. Success was measured along a number of scales of independent variables to determine an overall improvement in sex life.

Despite the many advances we have made medically and technically in this century, we lag behind in our knowledge of ourselves. This is particularly true when it comes to the advancement and understanding of our own sexuality, specifically, our poor comprehension and discomfort with the topic and discussion of sexuality. Surrounded by myths, misnomers, and misunderstanding, most men are confused and bound by False knowledge of sexuality. Our shame in regard to sexuality and exploring its dysfunction is the cause of great suffering.

We have little understanding of the complexity of the brain and the enormous role it plays in sexual function. With the demise of the myth of mind/ body separation, we can appreciate how the brain and the entire body mediate sexual function. Sexual function plays throughout the entire body with both biological and lifestyle considerations. No part of the human being is untouched by the experience. Because sex is still such a difficult, embarrassing, and taboo subject for many Americans to discuss, it continues to be a source of pain for many in this nation.

Recent discoveries in the enhancement of sexual function with new products have been a big step in alleviating sexual suffering. The discovery of such products as Viagra[R], Cialis[R], and Levitra[R] have allowed a lifestyle change for many men who thought themselves doomed to spend their days in silent suffering with Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The entry of the pharmaceutical companies into the marketplace has also come with renewed research of old natural formulas that have been existent for centuries. The revisiting of these naturally occurring substances is the topic to be considered here. The new concept of combining time-honored pro-sexual nutrients with pro-hormones is reported and discussed. They are compounded together to improve and help optimize sexual functioning in men. They do not require a prescription, as they are found in nature. Sexual functioning is a fundamental part of man's identity and how he feels about himself. It further has a great deal to do with how a man deals with intimacy and closeness in his relationships. A man's sexual health (or dysfunction) has been found to be a key factor in his capacity for maintaining healthy relationships. People with good sex lives live healthier and longer lives (Aldridge-Westoff & Stein, 2002). Optimal sexual health enhances this capacity, and is thus, an increasingly important topic.

To cover this discomfort we make jokes about sex, a very uncomfortable subject for most Americans to discuss. Intimacy is the other portion of our difficulty with our sexuality. We are equally uncomfortable with our feelings of emotional closeness and therefore have difficulty in discussing feelings. To illustrate, when Viagra[R] first came out on the market, it...

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Stein, Daniel S., et al. "Sexual and emotional health in men." Annals of the American Psychotherapy Association, vol. 11, no. 2, summer 2008, pp. 20+. Accessed 2 June 2023.

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