Storytelling as a pedagogical tool in higher education

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Author: Craig Eilert Abrahamson
Date: Spring 1998
From: Education(Vol. 118, Issue 3)
Publisher: Project Innovation Austin LLC
Document Type: Article
Length: 5,754 words

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This paper addresses the educational theoretic values of storytelling within higher education. Storytelling is found in all institutions within society, for it appears to greatly reduce depersonalization. Lively narrative format is being used increasingly in higher education, and it appears to be helping students think critically and understand factual content in a personalized fashion. Its use assists in defining technical aspects of texts by providing concise, concrete examples of the written material studied. Storytelling can clearly be viewed as the foundation of the teaching profession.

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Abrahamson, Craig Eilert. "Storytelling as a pedagogical tool in higher education." Education, vol. 118, no. 3, spring 1998, pp. 440+. Accessed 2 July 2022.

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