An editor's response to fraudsters

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Author: Michael J.G. Farthing
Date: June 6, 1998
From: British Medical Journal(Vol. 316, Issue 7146)
Publisher: BMJ Publishing Group Ltd.
Document Type: Article
Length: 1,687 words

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Britain needs an independent ethical council to examine and review scientific work. This would be similar to the Office of Research Integrity in the United States and similar agencies in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Australia. Maintaining the integrity of research can be compared to maintaining the purity of drinking water. It may be too tempting for financial or other reasons to misrepresent or alter data for a new drug or a surgical procedure. The protection of whitleblowers should also be a major issue.

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Farthing, Michael J.G. "An editor's response to fraudsters." British Medical Journal, vol. 316, no. 7146, 6 June 1998, pp. 1729+. Accessed 25 Sept. 2021.

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