Advertising on the Web: is there response before click-through?

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Authors: Rex Briggs and Nigel Hollis
Date: March-April 1997
From: Journal of Advertising Research(Vol. 37, Issue 2)
Publisher: World Advertising Research Center Ltd.
Document Type: Article
Length: 6,491 words

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Internet publisher HotWired Inc. and advertising effectiveness research firm Millward Brown International worked on a joint on-line project to determine Internet advertising effectiveness. The project focused primarily on the effectiveness of banner ads as effective commercial communication. Millward Brown's BrandDynamics System was used as a system for defining and measuring the impact of one banner exposure. Web banner advertising proved to be effective even without click-through. System scores suggested that such advertising may even perform better than traditional television or print media in generating brand awareness. The relative uniqueness of the Web compared to other advertising mediums also conditioned its impact on consumer behavior.

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Briggs, Rex, and Nigel Hollis. "Advertising on the Web: is there response before click-through?" Journal of Advertising Research, vol. 37, no. 2, Mar.-Apr. 1997, p. 33+. Accessed 26 Sept. 2020.

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