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Author: Helene Deguel
Date: Dec. 1988
From: Women Artists Slide Library Journal(Issue 26)
Publisher: The Women's Art Library
Document Type: Article
Length: 655 words

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U.F.A.C.S.I. Union Feminine Artistique et Culturelle: Salons Internationaux Brussels Town Hall, 1 December

UFACSI is 40 years old this autumn. In 1948 the French pastelist, Lea Chapon founded the Union of Women in the Arts and Culture--International Salons with the aim of promoting art created by women. Lea Chapon decided to establish non-commercial official salons for women's art only, since men were not exhibiting women's art. She gained support from personalities in the world of art and literature, from both men and women. The battle started and it still continues.

Local city councils such as Paris for France, Algiers for North Africa, Liege for Belgium, Budel for Holland, Ankara for Turkey host these UFACSI international exhibitions. And regional and national committees in France organise conferences, debates, musical recitals and concerts, dances and a variety of cultural events.

The 58th International Salon UFACSI was held in autumn 1987 in the jewel-like Gothic town hall in Brussels where more than 5,000 visitors attended.

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