Neurologic adverse events following vaccination

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Authors: D. Sienkiewicz, W. Kulak, B. Okurowska-Zawada and G. Paszko-Patej
Date: June 2012
From: Progress in Health Sciences(Vol. 2, Issue 1)
Publisher: Medical University of Bialystok
Document Type: Report
Length: 6,997 words

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The present review summarizes data on neurological adverse events following vaccination in the relation to intensity, time of onset, taking into account the immunological and non-immunological mechanisms. The authors described the physiological development of the immune system and the possible immune system responses following vaccination. Toxic property of thimerosal--a mercury-containing preservative used in some vaccines was presented. The neurological complications after vaccination were described. The role of vaccination in the natural course of infectious diseases and the current immunizations schedule in Poland was discussed. Key words: vaccination, neurologic adverse events following vaccination, immunization schedules

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Sienkiewicz, D., et al. "Neurologic adverse events following vaccination." Progress in Health Sciences, vol. 2, no. 1, June 2012, pp. 129+. Accessed 9 Dec. 2023.

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