Therapeutic management of demodicosis in a dog

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Authors: Mahesh Gupta, P.C. Shukla and M.L.V. Rao
Date: July-December 2013
From: Intas Polivet(Vol. 14, Issue 2)
Publisher: Intas Pharmaceuticals Limited
Document Type: Report
Length: 784 words

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A dog was presented with history of severe itching for last 2-3 months, alopecia around eyes, ear pinnae and hind limbs. Skin scrapping examination confirmed positive for demodectic mites. The dog was treated with Ivermectin @ 0.2mg/kg bwt s/c at weekly interval for 4 weeks, Amitraz topically twice a week for a month and anti-histaminics for a week. Topical ointment was applied topically sid for 15 days and omega fatty acids orally bid for one month. After the onset of treatment the condition started improving within one week and full recovery was seen after 30 days. Keywords: Demodicosis; Demodex canis; dog

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Gupta, Mahesh, et al. "Therapeutic management of demodicosis in a dog." Intas Polivet, vol. 14, no. 2, July-Dec. 2013, pp. 282+. Accessed 28 May 2023.

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