Performance evaluation of upflow anaerobic packed bed reactor for treatment of leachate polluted groundwater

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Authors: J. Jenin Rajasingh and N. Balasundaram
Date: May 15, 2016
From: Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences(Vol. 10, Issue 6 SE)
Publisher: American-Eurasian Network for Scientific Information
Document Type: Report
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Safe and reliable disposal of municipal solid wastes and residues is an important component of integrated waste management. Open dumps, commonly found in Asian countries, are land disposal sites at which solid wastes are disposed of in such a manner that does not protect the environment, susceptible to open burning, and exposed to disease vectors and scavengers. Leachate is a polluted liquid emanating from the base of the landfill, which contains innumerable organic and inorganic compounds generated due to which serious ground water contamination was observed in wells. Point sources such as landfills can release high concentration of contaminants into the groundwater because of migration of leachate from its bottom. The leachate is generated primarily as a result of precipitation on an active landfill surface, leading to the transport of organic and inorganic contaminants from landfill waste which is subsequently discharged into groundwater in underlying aquifer. Landfill leachate has the potential to contaminate the surrounding environment and impair groundwater use. An Upflow Anaerobic packed bed reactor model was used to predict the concentration profiles of contaminant groundwater polluted by leachate from a landfill site using the filter media. KEYWORDS: Contaminated groundwater, Laboratory testing, Packed Bed Reactor, Mathematical Modeling

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Rajasingh, J. Jenin, and N. Balasundaram. "Performance evaluation of upflow anaerobic packed bed reactor for treatment of leachate polluted groundwater." Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences, vol. 10, no. 6 SE, 15 May 2016, pp. 101+. Accessed 12 Aug. 2022.

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