The Race for the world's smallest CPAP system

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Author: Mike Fratantoro
Date: May-June 2017
From: RT for Decision Makers in Respiratory Care(Vol. 30, Issue 3)
Publisher: Anthem Systems LLC
Document Type: Article
Length: 463 words
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Size matters. But where many industries associate "bigger" with "better." the respiratory/sleep industry is locked in a race to the other end of the spectrum. In the last month, two companies have launched compact systems for continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), joining other "pocket-sized" devices 011 the market since 2011. All position their products as the idea], travel-sized solution for CPAP users on the go. And in that respect, all of them appear to offer patients simpler transport options and--for those needing in-flight therapy--relief during long-distance or red-eye air travel. A survey cited by ResMed found 65% of CPAP users say device size is the No 1 reason they don't travel with their CPAP. Skipping...

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Fratantoro, Mike. "The Race for the world's smallest CPAP system." RT for Decision Makers in Respiratory Care, vol. 30, no. 3, May-June 2017, p. 4. Accessed 28 Feb. 2020.

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