Nursing diagnoses ICNP[R] versus NANDA-I for people with AIDS: cross-mapping

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Authors: Cintia Capistrano Teixeira Rocha, Vinicius Lino de Souza Neto, Fernando Hiago da Silva Duarte and Richardson Augusto Rosendo da Silva
Date: Dec. 15, 2017
From: Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing(Vol. 16, Issue S1)
Publisher: Fluminense Federal University, Nursing Activities Interest Group
Document Type: Article
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Aim: conduct cross-sectional mapping of nursing diagnosis titles for people living with AIDS, formulated according to ICNP[R] with those of NANDA-I. Method: this is a cross-sectional and descriptive study using a quantitative approach. After the cross-mapping between the ICNP[R] and NANDA-I nursing classifications, the nursing diagnoses were classified according to the Leal criteria and the Basic Human Needs. Results: it was verified that 60% of the nursing diagnoses of ICNP[R] were not included in NANDA-I; of these, after applying the Leal criteria, 30% were classified as similar, 5% as more restricted, 4% as more comprehensive and for 1% no agreement was identified. Conclusion: the study becomes important for comparing the practical use of the two most used nursing classifications in the world, assisting nurses to decision-making based on scientific knowledge, as well as strengthening the state of the art of Nursing. Descriptors: Nursing Processes; Terminology; Nursing diagnosis; Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.

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Rocha, Cintia Capistrano Teixeira, et al. "Nursing diagnoses ICNP[R] versus NANDA-I for people with AIDS: cross-mapping." Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing, vol. 16, no. S1, 2017, p. 20+. Accessed 10 Apr. 2021.

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