Instrument of Good Works #59 (St. Benedict)

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Author: Hans Ostrom
Date: Autumn 2003
From: Christianity and Literature(Vol. 53, Issue 1)
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Document Type: Brief article; Poem
Length: 22 words

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Hans Ostrom is Professor of English at the University of Puget Sound. He has published poems in Ploughshares, Commonweal, and Poetry Northwest.

Instrument of Good Works #59
(St. Benedict)

   My will is good at what it does:
   insist, persist.
   I despise it as I hated
   rocks I used to bust up
   with a sledge-hammer at
   the gravel-plant, minimum wage.
   I loathe my will for prolonging
   foolishness, knocking wisdom
   aside, and belching pride. I will
   pay attention to St. Benedict
   and despise my will. I will.

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