Saying thanks: November 11 is Veterans Day

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Date: Nov. 2011
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American Heroes

How do we honor people who serve our country?

Get ready to honor our veterans! Veterans are people who have served in the military. The U.S. military is made up of five main groups--the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps (KOHR), and Coast Guard. The military keeps our country safe.

About 22 million veterans live in the United States. Americans honor them in many ways.


Many cities have parades on Veterans Day. People hold U.S. flags. Veterans dress in uniform. They march in the parades. Some ride in floats. Bands play patriotic songs. Something that is patriotic shows love for your country.

School Visits

Some schools stay open on Veterans Day. They have special activities. Veterans often visit and give speeches. They talk about what they did for our country.

Thank-You Cards

How do some kids show their thanks? They make cards and write letters. They mail them to nearby medical centers for veterans. Those centers are located across the country.


Many memorials honor veterans. A memorial is a statue or a place that honors a person or an event. Ceremonies are often held at the memorials.


Why might Americans want to honor U.S. veterans?

Students Honor "Lifesavers"

Some students in Nebraska think of veterans as "lifesavers." The kids attend Dakota City Elementary School. They decided to have a candy sale. What did they sell? Life Savers!

The students made more than a thousand dollars. They donated the money to help build a park. The park will honor veterans. It will be called Siouxland Freedom Park.

"It will be a living memorial that will honor veterans--past, present, and future. We look forward to groups of students coming to visit," says Mike Newhouse. He is the president of the Siouxland Freedom Park project. He is also a veteran.


Dear Kids.

Emma told me she misses her father. He's in the Army and has been away from home for a long time. What should I say?



Q: Why did the soldiers run around their beds?

A: They wanted to catch up on their sleep!


Match each word to the correct definition.

honor *       * showing love
                for your country

patriotic *   * a statue or
                a place that
                honors a person
                or an event

memorial *    * a person who
                has served in
                the military

veteran *     * to show great

The United States Military


Read the table to learn about the main groups, or branches, of the U.S. military. Then fill in the circle for the best answer to each question.

Main Branches of the U.S. Military

U.S. Military    How They Defend Our Country

1 Army           by land

2 Navy           by sea

3 Air Force      by air

4 Marine Corps   by land and sea

5 Coast Guard    protects the coasts, helps ships
                 in trouble

1. How does the Army defend our country?

(A) by air

(B) by sea

(C) by land

2. Which branch helps ships in trouble?

(A) Army

(B) Coast Guard

(C) Air Force

3. How many main branches are in the U.S. military?

(A) four

(B) five

(C) six

4. Which branch defends our country by land and sea?

(A) Marine Corps

(B) Air Force

(C) Navy


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