Is Graffiti art?

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Date: January-February 2012
From: Foreign Policy(Issue 191)
Publisher: Foreign Policy
Document Type: Brief article
Length: 143 words

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Our exploration of revolutionary graffiti ("In Other Words: Graffiti Edition," November 2011) reopened a perennial debate in our comments section and elsewhere on the web: Is graffiti art or vandalism?

"[Graffiti] is probably some of the best real art around today, when one looks at the calculated sterility of the art in the galleries and little new museums.... Graffiti is proof that art survives even when a hyperattenuated society turns its back on it."


"When graffiti has a purpose and a message, then it is art, but when it's meant to deface property or is a product of an idle hand. then it needs to be done away with."


"I for one do view it as an art form, both for its aesthetic quality and its capacity to communicate all manner of ideas, thoughts, or feelings."


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