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Gold medal bowling!

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Date: Feb. 2014
From: SuperScience(Vol. 25, Issue 5)
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Document Type: Brief article
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Everyone loves bowling (well, many people do). So why not make it an Olympic sport?


Bowling has been around for thousands of years. A collection of objects used for bowling was discovered in an Egyptian grave dating back to 3200 B.C.


In a study of 24,000 adults, more participated in howling than in any other sport.


About 95 million people in more than 90 countries worldwide bowl.


An afternoon of bowling works the arm muscles. A ball can weigh up to 16 pounds. By bowling a three-set game, a person could lift a total of 960 pounds--almost half a ton!

Lesson 6 Gold Medal Bowling!


Students will use our fun and fact-filled infographic to support an argument that bowling should be an Olympic sport.

Teaching Objective and Featured Shills

This lesson will help your students:

* Identify main idea and supporting details in an infographic

* Write to support an argument

Reading the Infographic

Put students in groups to discuss the infographic. Ask them to start by identifying the main idea the infographic is trying to present, and then summarizing the four supporting arguments.

Discussion Questions

* Which of the four arguments presented do you think is most convincing? Explain your choice. (evaluating) Answers will vary. Students might choose Historical! or International! since Olympic sports often share these attributes.

* Look at the "Popular!" section. Why would bowling's popularity make it a good Olympic sport? (evaluating) People enjoy watching sports they're interested in, so many people might watch Olympic bowling. Also, its popularity could create a large pool of potential Olympic bowlers.

Preparing to Write

Distribute our guided-writing activity sheet, which will help students organize information and write a paragraph.

Common Core State Standards

R.5, R.7, W.1, W.9

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