Election 2016: you decide

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Date: Summer 2015
From: American Educator(Vol. 39, Issue 2)
Publisher: American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO
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As we approach the 2016 presidential election working families want to know about the issues at stake and where the candidates stand.

We've put together information* on leading declared and potential candidates and their positions on issues critical to AFT members and the communities they served Read and consider carefully. Then let us know who you think deserves the AFT's endorsement and support. Visit aft.org/election2016.

It's your union. It's your voice. You decide.

           K-12 Education         Higher Education

BIDEN      Longtime supporter     Led the Obama
           of increased federal   administration's
           funding for critical   $500 million
           preK-12 education      initiative to create
           programs.              and expand
           A firm opponent of     partnerships between
           private school         community colleges
           vouchers.              and businesses to
                                  train workers with
                                  the skills employers

CLINTON    Leader of "Too Small   Has fought to expand
           to Fail," an effort    financial aid for
           to improve the         low-income college
           health and well-       students.
           being of children
           from birth to age 5.
           Supports increased
           Title 1 funding for
           schools in need.
           Opposes private
           school vouchers.

O'MALLEY   As governor,           Increased state
           invested record        funding to allow
           amounts in             Maryland colleges
           Maryland's public      and universities to
           schools. Under         freeze tuition from
           O'Malley, funding      2007-2011.
           increased by 37

           Opposes private
           school vouchers.

SANDERS    Signed the Fix         Co-sponsored the
           America's Schools      Student Loan
           Today (FAST) Act of    Affordability Act,
           2011.                  which extended the
                                  reduced interest
           Co-sponsored an        rate for Stafford
           amendment              student loans.
           v to the Elementary
           and Secondary
           Education Act for
           increased funding.

BUSH       As governor of         Ended affirmative
           Florida, signed        action in Florida's
           legislation to         colleges and
           evaluate students      universities,
           and teachers based     leading to a sharp
           on high-stakes         drop in minority
           tests, create for-     higher education
           profit charter and     enrollment.
           virtual schools, and
           provide vouchers for
           private and
           religious schools.

           Launched the
           nation's first
           statewide voucher

CHRISTIE   As governor of New     Cut state funding to
           Jersey, cut funding    New Jersey colleges
           in 201 1 budget,       and universities.
           which the state
           Supreme Court ruled
           violated the state

CRUZ       Supports turning       Voted to cut Pell
           federal education      Grants that help
           dollars into           low-income students
           vouchers that can be   attend college.
           used to fund private

JINDAL     As governor of         Proposed hundreds of
           Louisiana, proposed    millions of dollars
           budget for 2015        in cuts to higher
           that keeps state       education, even
           funding with no        though public
           increase in six        colleges and
           years.                 universities in
                                  Louisiana already
           Implemented a          receive less money
           private school was     on a per-pupil basis
           ruled                  than in any other
           unconstitutional by    state.
           a Louisiana judge.

KASICH     As governor of Ohio,   Cut state support to
           proposed a massive     higher education by
           expansion of the       6 percent.
           state's voucher
           program that would
           have drained funds
           from public schools
           and used tax dollars
           to fund private

PAUL       Supports private       Voted to cut Pell
           school vouchers.       Grants that help
           Would abolish the      low-income students
           U.S. Department of     attend college.

           Sponsored federal
           voucher legislation.

RUBIO      Presided over a $2.3   Voted to cut Pell
           billion cut to         Grants that help
           Florida education as   low-income students
           speaker of the         attend college.
           Florida House.

           Supports federal
           voucher legislation.

WALKER     Supports the           In 2015, slashed
           expansion of voucher   $300 million from
           programs that drain    Wisconsin's higher
           funds from public      education budgets.
           schools and use
           taxpayer dollars to
           fund private

           Affordable Care Act    Labor/Jobs/ Economy

BIDEN      Strongly supported     Supports raising the
           and advocated for      minimum wage and is
           the ACA: The ACA       sharply critical of
           gives "the American    rising income
           people more freedom    inequality.
           and control over
           their healthcare
           choices, improving
           the quality of the
           care that they
           receive and reducing
           cost, all by
           building on the best
           of our private
           insurance system."

CLINTON    Is committed to        Favors raising the
           preserving and         minimum wage and is
           improving the ACA.     an avowed union
                                  supporter. "When I'm
                                  president, we're
                                  going to stand up
                                  for unions. We're
                                  going to make sure
                                  they can organize
                                  for fair wages and
                                  good working

O'MALLEY   Supports the ACA.      Supports increasing
           Maryland was one of    the minimum wage.
           the first states to
           set up a health        Supports
           insurance exchange.    strengthening
                                  bargaining rights.

                                  In 2007, signed an
                                  executive order to
                                  grant collective
                                  bargaining rights to
                                  healthcare aides and
                                  child care workers.

SANDERS    Introduced the         Supports raising the
           American Health        minimum wage. Is
                                  also a strong
           Security Act, which    supporter of
           would guarantee        expanded collective
           healthcare as a        bargaining rights
           human right and        for public
           provide every U.S.     employees.
           citizen and
           permanent resident
           with healthcare
           coverage and
           services through a

BUSH       Does not support the   Has voiced
           ACA and calls it       opposition to
           "flawed to the         minimum wage
           core."                 increases. Wants to
                                  weaken collective
                                  bargaining rights
                                  for teachers and
                                  other public
                                  employees, and
                                  supports laws that
                                  undermine the
                                  strength of public
                                  and private sector

CHRISTIE   Opposed the ACA,       Opposed raising the
           calling it a "failed   minimum wage.
           federal program."
                                  Was a vocal
                                  supporter of Scott
                                  Walker's attacks in
                                  Wisconsin on public
                                  employee rights.

CRUZ       Opposed the ACA.       Opposed attempts to
                                  raise the minimum

JINDAL     Opposed the ACA.       Opposes recent
                                  attempts to raise
                                  the minimum wage.

                                  Supports legislation
                                  that would wipe out
                                  payroll deductions
                                  for union members
                                  and silence the
                                  voice of teachers
                                  and other public

KASICH     Opposed the ACA.       Through state Senate
                                  Bill 5, attempted to
                                  wipe out workplace
                                  rights for teachers,
                                  frefghters and other
                                  public employees.
                                  His efforts were
                                  defeated by popular

PAUL       Opposes the ACA and    Says we should
           has voted to repeal    abolish the minimum
           it.                    wage. Opposes
                                  bargaining rights,
                                  and supports
                                  legislation intended
                                  to hinder the
                                  effectiveness of

RUBIO      Opposed the ACA.       Opposes increasing
                                  the minimum wage and
                                  doesn't think that
                                  the minimum wage law

                                  As speaker of the
                                  Florida House,
                                  sponsored a bill
                                  attacking union

WALKER     Opposed the ACA.       In 2011, pushed
                                  legislation that
                                  stripped public
                                  employees of
                                  bargaining rights;
                                  in 2015, supported
                                  and signed a so-
                                  called right-to-
                                  work bill in

                                  Wisconsin designed
                                  to hinder and harass
                                  private sector

           Retirement Security    Immigration

BIDEN      Opposes privatizing    Supports
           Social Security,       comprehensive
           cutting benefits and   immigration
           raising the            reform with a
           retirement age.        pathway to

                                  Supports the DREAM

CLINTON    Opposes cutting        Supports
           Social Security        comprehensive
           benefits,              immigration
           privatizing the        reform with a
           program and raising    pathway to
           the retirement         citizenship.
                                  Supports the DREAM

O'MALLEY   Opposes privatizing    Supports
           Social Security and    comprehensive
           instead supports       immigration
           expanding the          reform with a
           benefit.               pathway
                                  to citizenship.

                                  Championed a
                                  version of the DREAM
                                  Act for Maryland's
                                  public colleges and

SANDERS    Promotes               Supports
           strengthening the      comprehensive
           social safety net by   immigration reform
           expanding Social       with a pathway to
           Security, Medicare,    citizenship.
           Medicaid and
           nutrition programs.    Supports the DREAM

BUSH       Advocates for          Opposes the Obama
           privatization of       administration's
           Social Security and    executive order
           raising the            protecting
           retirement age for     undocumented
           Social Security.       children (DACA and

                                  Supports the DREAM

CHRISTIE   Signed legislation     Opposes the Obama
           that slashed           administration's
           pensions by $1.5       executive order
           billion, which the     protecting
           courts ruled was in    undocumented
           violation of state     children (DACA
           law.                   and DAPA).

CRUZ       Supports raising the   Opposes the Obama
           retirement age for     administration's
           Social Security,       executive order
           reducing the growth    protecting undocu-
           rate of Social         mented children
           Security benefits      (DACA and DAPA).
           and privatizing
           Social Security.

JINDAL     Tried to eliminate     Opposes the Obama
           defined benefit        administration's
           pensions for public    executive order
           employees.             undocumented
                                  (DACA and DAPA).

KASICH     Supported              Opposes the Obama
           legislation that cut   administration's
           state funding for      executive order
           employee pensions.     protecting undocu-
                                  mented children
                                  (DACA and DAPA).

PAUL       Would raise the        Opposes the Obama
           retirement age for     administration's
           Social Security, and   executive order
           supports what would    protecting undocu-
           be the largest cuts    mented children
           to Social Security     (DACA and DAPA).
           in U.S. history.

RUBIO      Supports raising the   Opposes the Obama
           retirement age for     administration's
           Social Security.       executive order
                                  protecting undocu-
                                  mented children
                                  (DACA and DAPA).

WALKER     As governor, slashed   Opposes the Obama
           state contributions    administration's
           to employee            executive order
           pensions.              protecting undocu-
                                  mented children
                                  (DACA and DAPA).

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([dagger]) This chart reflects a brief snapshot of the candidates'

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