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    NORTH RANDALL, Ohio, Jan. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- By the end of 1992, The Edward J. DeBartolo Corporation, owners of Randall Park Mall, could sign as many as 30 stores to expand or remodel their locations within the 2.1 million square foot facility, according to plans announced at the annual merchants' meeting this evening.
    Prominent national, regional as well as local tenants, representing all major merchandise categories, are presently negotiating with DeBartolo for new space or expansion of their existing locations.  These stores will be capitalizing on a trade area population that includes more than 629,000 residents.  Average household income levels are projected to increase about 20 percent from 1990 to 1995, reaching nearly $43,000 within the next two years.  In fact, one out of every three households will earn in excess of $50,000.
    "We have tremendous confidence in Randall Park Mall and its ability to serve the present and future needs of area residents," stated Edward J. DeBartolo, chairman and chief executive officer of the nation's largest shopping mall development and management firm.  "The viability of this property is exemplified in the commitment from large retail chains.  The Limited, and its divisions, have added or are planning to add almost 18,000 square feet to their current space while Merry-Go-Round, and its divisions, are propsing to double their presence at Randall Park by leasing in excess of 12,000 square feet of space."
    Major remerchandising for Randall Park Mall was instituted last year in conjuntion with the expiration of leases.  A total of 35 stores renewed their contracts with seven of these tenants expanding their operations.  New stores included: Afterthoughts; Antwerp Diamond Centre; Everything's A Dollar; National Record Mart and Super Stars.
    "The changes which are occurring at Randall Park Mall are not unique to the Cleveland market.  Across the country, both developers and retailers are examining their offerings to the consumer.  In some cases, like Edison Brothers and Woolworth, operations will be streamlined.  The ultimate result of these efforts is to enhance the quality of our product," explained Edward J. DeBartolo, Jr., president and chief administrative officer.
    The space once occupied by Fashion Conspiracy (a division which Edison Brothers eliminated), for example, has been taken by Camelot Music, which has more than doubled its previous size.  The new Herman's Sporting Goods, which will encompass more than 10,000 square feet, absorbed four vacancies in the Sears concourse on the lower level. These stores, along with Athlete's Foot, DeJaiz, Lane Bryant, Lerner New York and Woman's World, have all strengthened their commitment to Randall Park Mall with larger stores.
    Merchandise is only one facet of what Randall Park Mall has to offer.  Through programs like the Hospitality Team and the "At Your Service" center, the goal is to ensure that every shopping experience is a pleasant one.  Many of these efforts, first introduced at Randall Park Mall, are now being implemented at other DeBartolo centers.
    Randall Park Mall's Team is comprised of area high school students interested in retailing.  Their responsibilities include providing assistance in the "At Your Service" center, distributing mall directories and offering shoppers information on store merchandise, special sales and store locations.  Team members also represent Randall Park Mall at various community functions including the recent WVIZ public television auction.
    The "At Your Service" center, opened in December 1990, provides customers with free coat and package check, gift certificate sales, gift wrapping, stroller rental and baby changing facilities.  Complementing these services, a free, hot cup of coffee, a large screen television and a comfortable seating area allow shoppers to add a welcome break to their visit.
    A Retail Training Center was added last November to provide in-depth retail training for economically disadvantaged young adults from the city of Cleveland.  This pilot program, made possible by a $76,000 grant from the city, offered graduates an excellent opportunity for job placement with Randall Park Mall merchants.  An additional grant, just received from the city, will extend this retail training and job placement opportunity to 25 adults, 50 years of age and older.
    "When it opended in 1976, Randall Park Mall was one of the largest retail facilities in the United States, a position which the center still enjoys today," commented Marie Denise DeBartolo, executive vice president of personnel and corporate marketing/communications.  "During the last 15 years, we've made a variety of positive changes.  For 1992, we've got a lot of new ideas in store.  We're looking forward to working with our retailers and the community to implement our plans."
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