WWPV The Mike: Same Sound, New Frequency

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Date: Sept. 24, 2015
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By Karianne Shetter

As of September 14, listeners of WWPV The Mike must switch their station's frequency from 88.7 FM to 92.5 FM in order to hear their favorite DJs play tunes or crack jokes on the air. WWPV, St. Michael's student-run radio station, changed frequencies as a result of a new partnership with Vermont Public radio.

Vermont Public Radio, based down the road near North Campus, needed to switch frequencies in order to continue broadcasting. Because WWPV held two licenses, the station was able to donate the previous frequency to VPR and use the new one to operate and broadcast. Katie Petrozzo, station manager at WWPV, is excited about the adjustment. In an email interview, Petrozzo said, "the partnership will allow for more favorable relations with VPR, especially in terms of WWPV being able to establish and collaborate with VPR on events that will not only benefit the community, but increase the experience the students involved will get out of it."

Besides the new opportunities with VPR, student DJs will see no change in their regular programming. Petrozzo anticipates a full schedule of 63 student and community-run shows this semester.

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