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The family cola recipe that is brewing up national attention
Daily Mail (London, England). (Mar. 1, 2011): News: p21. From Gale Biography In Context.
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Byline: Leah McDonald

IT IS a refreshing soft drink made from a 'top secret' recipe, that few people outside Donegal have even heard of.

Now McDaid's Football Special, which has been brewed by the same family for more than 50 years, is to be made available nationwide.

Edward McDaid, owner of the McDaid's brewer in Ramelton, just outside Letterkenny, said the secret recipe for the drink had been handed down through three generations.

The cola-style sparkling drink was first brewed by Mr McDaid's father Jim and uncle Eamon. They chanced on the unique combination of ingredients when they worked in a soft drinks company in Belfast. The men later recreated the recipe and opened up a small production plant - which is still used today.

Mr McDaid and his team of six staff members team hope to triple production as the product goes nationwide in June. He said: 'It is a strange product in many senses. It seems to hit a memory button and conjure up pleasant memories of childhood, even with people who haven't tasted it before.' Created as a non-alcoholic alternative to whiskey, it includes spring water, sugar, syrup - and a mystery ingredient.

local fizz FIZZY drinks have the power to evoke pleasant memories of the past for Irish people living abroad.

Red lemonade is frequently listed among the top five products that emigrants miss about the country.

We have produced many local colas over the years, including the popular Cavan Cola, pictured, and the tangerine-flavoured drink Tanora.

Causing a fizz: Edward McDaid with a bottle of Football Special cola

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