Government and Politics, 1900-1909

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Editor: Cynthia Rose
Date: 2004
American Decades Primary Sources
From: American Decades Primary Sources(Vol. 1: 1900-1909. )
Publisher: Gale
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Entries are arranged in chronological order by date of primary source. For entries with one primary source, the entry title is the same as the primary source title. Entries with more than one primary source have an overall entry title, followed by the titles of the primary sources.


Important Events in Government and Politics, 1900–1909 … 246


Golden Rule Jones Reforms Toledo … 251

"Fifth Annual Message of Samuel M.
Jones for the Year 1901"; "The
Golden Rule"
Samuel M. Jones, April 1900; February
24, 1902

"To the Person Sitting in Darkness"

Mark Twain, February 1901 … 255

Translation of the Proposed Constitution for Cuba, the Official Acceptance of the Platt Amendment, and the Electoral Law

Elihu Root, November 1901… 261

"Equal Voice Essential"

Robert M. La Follette, 1901 … 263

"At Music Hall, Cincinnati, Ohio, on the Evening of September 20, 1902"

Theodore Roosevelt, September 20, 1902 … 265

"Tweed Days in St. Louis"

Lincoln Steffens, 1902 … 269

Speeches Before the National American Woman Suffrage Association Conventions, 1903–06 … 273

Henry Dixon Bruns, Belle Kearney, Helen
Grenfell, Anna Howard Shaw, and Jane
Addams, 1903, 1903, 1904, 1905, 1906

Acquiring the Panama Canal… 277

A Statement of Action in Executing the Act
Entitled "An Act to Provide for the
Construction of a Canal Connecting the
Waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans,"
Approved June 28, 1903

Theodore Roosevelt, January 4, 1904

"An Open Letter to John Hay"

Daniel Henry Chamberlain, October 2,

Theodore Roosevelt to Elihu Root, May 20, 1904

Theodore Roosevelt, May 20, 1904… 284

"Problems of Immigration"

Frank P. Sargent, 1904… 287

Sin and Society: An Analysis of Latter-Day Iniquity

Edward Alsworth Ross, 1907 … 291

Declaration of Governors for Conservation of Natural Resources

Governors Conference on Conservation,
December 6, 1908 … 296

My Story

Tom Loftin Johnson, 1911 … 299

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