The Media, 1900-1909

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Editor: Cynthia Rose
Date: 2004
American Decades Primary Sources
From: American Decades Primary Sources(Vol. 1: 1900-1909. )
Publisher: Gale
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Entries are arranged in chronological order by date of primary source. For entries with one primary source, the entry title is the same as the primary source title. Entries with more than one primary source have an overall entry title, followed by the titles of the primary sources.


Important Events in the Media, 1900–1909 … 424


"Lynch Law in America"

Ida B. Wells-Barnett, January 1900… 427

News Coverage of Natural Disasters … 431

The Galveston Hurricane and Flood

"Earthquake and Fire: San Francisco in Ruins"
The Call-Chronicle-Examiner, April 19,

"San Francisco, April 18, 1906"
Arnold Genthe, April 18, 1906.

"'Tabloid Journalism': Its Causes and Effects"

A. Maurice Low, March 1901 … 435

Political Cartoons Critical of U.S. Imperialism

"The Powers Celebrating the Fall of
Pekin;" "Performing His Duty;"
"Alligator Bait"
August 1901; January 1902; January 1909… 439

Did the New York Journal Kill President McKinley? … 444

"Assassination a Good Thing!"
New York Sun, September 8, 1901

"A Menace to Our Civilization"
New York Sun, September 12, 1901

"Responsibility for Yellow Journalism"
New York Evening Post, September 21,

Our National Parks

John Muir, 1901 … 449

"American Progress in Habana"

National Geographic, March 1902 … 453

The Great Train Robbery

Edwin S. Porter, 1903 … 456

"The College of Journalism"

Joseph Pulitzer, May 1904 … 459

The Shame of the Cities

Lincoln Steffens, 1904 … 462

"Humorous Phases of Funny Faces"

J. Stuart Blackton, April 6, 1906… 466

"The Man with the Muck Rake"

Theodore Roosevelt, April 15, 1906 … 467

The Outlook and the Civil Rights Movement … 472

"The Platform of the Niagara Movement;"
"The Platform of The Outlook;" "The
Negro Problem: Booker Washington's
The Outlook, September 1, 1906;
September 1, 1906; September 8, 1906

The Jungle

Upton Sinclair, 1906 … 475

The Christian Science Monitor

Mary Baker Eddy, 1908… 478

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