Religion, 1900-1909

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Editor: Cynthia Rose
Date: 2004
American Decades Primary Sources
From: American Decades Primary Sources(Vol. 1: 1900-1909. )
Publisher: Gale
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Entries are arranged in chronological order by date of primary source. For entries with one primary source, the entry title is the same as the primary source title. Entries with more than one primary source have an overall entry title, followed by the titles of the primary sources.


Important Events in Religion, 1900–1909 … 532


"Total Abstinence"

Bessie Laythe Scovell, 1900… 535

Religious Opposition to Imperialism

"A Prayer for the Use of Anti-Imperialists"
and "Clergymen Address Voters"
Herbert Seely Bigelow, 1900 … 539

Graves de Communi Re (On Christian Democracy)

Pope Leo XIII, January 18, 1901 … 542

"Unity of the Human Race"

J. W. Sanders, July 1902 … 546

The Varieties of Religious Experience

William James, 1902 … 548

The Souls of Black Folk

W.E.B. Du Bois, 1903 … 552

"Remarks of Dr. Washington Gladden"

Washington Gladden, 1903… 557

"How Can We as Women Advance the Standing of the Race?"

Annie H. Jones, July 1904 … 560

Lamentabili Sane (Condemning the Errors of the Modernists)

Pope Pius X, July 3, 1907 … 565

Reuben Quick Bear v. Leupp

Melville Weston Fuller, May 18, 1908 … 569

Rudimental Divine Science

Mary Baker Eddy, 1908… 573

Some Aspects of Rabbinic Theology

Solomon Schechter, 1909… 577

"Attempts at Religious Legislation from 1888–1945"

United States Congress, 1949 … 581

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