Lifestyles and Social Trends, 1920-1929

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Editor: Cynthia Rose
Date: 2004
American Decades Primary Sources
From: American Decades Primary Sources(Vol. 3: 1920-1929. )
Publisher: Gale
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Entries are arranged in chronological order by date of primary source. For entries with one primary source, the entry title is the same as the primary source title. Entries with more than one primary source have an overall entry title, followed by the titles of the primary sources.


Important Events in Lifestyles and Social Trends, 1920–1929 … 374


J. Edgar Hoover Monitors Marcus Garvey … 378

Memo to Special Agent Ridgely; "Report by
Special Agent P-138"; Memo to Lewis J. Baley
J. Edgar Hoover, 1919–1921

"'These Wild Young People': By One Of Them"

John F. Carter, Jr., September 1920 … 381

Statement of Mr. William Joseph Simmons

William Joseph Simmons, 1921 … 384

"Flapper Americana Novissima"

G. Stanley Hall, June 1922 … 388

Prohibition's Supporters and Detractors … 391

Address to Congress
Warren G. Harding, December
8, 1922

"Jurors Go on Trial, Drank Up Evidence"
The New York Times, January 7, 1928


Sinclair Lewis, 1922 … 393

Mary Ware Dennett and Birth Control … 398

Letters to Congress
Mary Ware Dennett, February 1923

"Rise and Present Peril of Mah Jong"

Helen Bullitt Lowry, August 10, 1924 … 400

Advertising Response

Howard McCormick Donovan, 1924 … 403

Handbook for Guardians of Camp Fire Girls

Camp Fire Girls, Inc., 1924 … 405

"Into the Land of Talk"

Lydia Lion Roberts, March 1926 … 408

"Fools and Their Money"

Keyes Winter, August 1927 … 410

Discontinuing the Model T Ford … 413

"Strut, Miss Lizzie!"
The Nation, December 14, 1927

"The King Is Dead"
Margaret Marshall, December 14, 1927

This Smoking World

Albert Edward Hamilton, 1927 … 416

Men of Destiny

Walter Lippmann, 1927 … 419

"The Next Revolution"

Ellsworth Huntington, October 1928 … 421

"The Child Stylites of Baltimore"

Frederic Nelson, August 28, 1929 … 423

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