Pinkerton, Allan (1819-1884)

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Date: Edition 1 1991
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
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Born: August 25, 1819 in Glasgow, United Kingdom
Died: July 01, 1884 in Chicago, Illinois, United States
Nationality: American
Occupation: Detective
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detective, memoirist. Pinkerton came to the United States from Scotland in 1842 and established a detective agency, said to be the first in this country, in Chicago in 1850. He gained recognition by solving express company thefts and by guarding President-elect Lincoln against an attempted assassination. He organized the Secret Service of the North during the Civil War and did important espionage and counterespionage work. Later he won notoriety by his ruthless suppression of labor agitation, especially in the Homestead Strike (1892); his methods occasioned a Congressional investigation. He helped break up the notorious gang called the <IR> MOLLY MAGUIRES </IR> . He wrote many memoirs. Among them were The Expressman and the Detective (1874), The Molly Maguires and the Detectives (1878), Criminal Reminiscences and Detective Sketches (1879), The Spy of the Rebellion (1883), Bank Robbers and Detectives (1883), and 30 Years a Detective (1884).

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